Saturday, April 4, 2009

King James

Is he human? Who else does this shit?! Truly the Chosen One.

You never knew...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 more days!

Yeaahh!  5 days and counting.  I knew I could do it.  But I'm pretty much over it.  It's time. C'mon let's get highh...

You never knew...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Final Push

The All Star Weekend has concluded, and the NBA is in the final 30 games or so of the season. While the The Weekend was okay this year with the Dunk Contest and the All Star game itself, it's time for all 30 teams to make their final push for the Playoffs. While there are some teams pushing and clawing just to make the playoffs, the Lakers are comfortably in, and without any injuries, look like they will finish the season atop the Western Conference. If the Playoffs were to start today, the Lakers would play the Utah Jazz. Whoever it is, I guarantee Kobe and the rest of the crew will be prepared to take anyone on. The Lakers are on a mission this year and I don't think anything or anyone is going to stand in their way. They have all gotten bigger, stronger, and tougher, all of which were their biggest weaknesses in last year's run. With just about the same players back from last year's Finals team, along with a healthy Trevor Ariza and hopefully a healthy Andrew Bynum, the Lakers should be better than they were in last year's Finals. So, let's go Lakers, don't let up in the final 30. Finish strong and take all the momtentum into the playoffs. No failures, no disappointments.

You never knew...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You Hiero

For makin' me fall in love with hip hop.

You never knew...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Half way through!

20 days down, 20 to go.
And I'm not even flinching.

You never knew...


Trade him? Don't sign him in the offseason?  For all the Odom haters out there, tonight was the night he officially shut you up.  In probably the biggest game of the season so far, Lamar Odom stepped up like a beast.  The Lakers were playing the second best team in the league.  The Cavs had an undefeated home record at home at 23-0 and the Lakers were coming into Cleveland to finish a six game road trip.  Up to this point in the season this was their biggest game of the season and they were playing it without the big man, Mr. Bynum.  I recorded the game and told my sister not to tell me what the result was.  She said it was just a regular game.  Yeah, a regular game for casual fans like her, but not to me (haha just kidding Ateh.)  Now to see Lamar Odom post a 28 point 17 rebound game, and to see the Lakers hand King James and the Cavs their first loss of the season just about made my night.  I'm sure you haters don't wanna trade him now.  Fuckers.

You never knew...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sorry Boston, again

Thanks to Jed I was unable to watch the final three minutes of the Lakers triumphant victory over the Celtics on Thursday night.  UGH! Nonetheless, I know the outcome and I don't think I can be any happier with the current status of my beloved team.  The Lakers hold the best record in the NBA at 40-9.  They snapped Boston's two longest win streaks of the season and its the first time a team has done that twice to the same team in the same season.  SWEET! They're 5-0 on their current road trip and tomorrow they will face King James and the Cavs (second best record in the NBA)  at 12:30.  IF they win they win that game, the Lakers will finish this six game road trip at 6-0.  That would be excellent.  The only thing going wrong for the Lakes is that big man Andrew Bynum is out with a torn MCL.  Get better buddy.  We're gonna need you in the Finals, because yes, the Lake Show is gonna be back in the Finals.  Or at least I hope so. I'll be keepin' my fingers crossed.

You never knew...